Size Matters!

Let’s talk matters of size. First of all, size does matter. πŸ™‚ If you don’t believe size matters, try going to a party in a shoe that’s a size smaller.

We have received several queries regarding shoe sizes lately. We wish to address them here.

Ladies Shoes

MOST of our ladies shoes range from size 3 to 8. However we do have size 9 for some styles.

A show card

Mens Shoes

MOST of our men’s shoes range from size 6 to size 11. We do have size 12 and 13 for some designs though.

As we speak now, there are several pairs of size 12 and 13 shoes in our warehouse and in some stores.

Once in a while we get special orders for Safari boot size 14 and 15 especially for export and we make them too.

Big shoe sizes at stores

At any given time there are big sizes (big here refers to size 9 for ladies and size 12 and 13) are available in selected stores – mostly our flagship stores. If you require shoes out of our regular shoe size range described above, next time you are shopping for shoes, ask the shop assistants what big size shoes they have.

In stores that have them, you will find a show card on the shoe shelves indicating that there are big sizes available.

If you have any problem regarding big sizes – like you are trying to get a big size shoe in vain, please leave a comment here and we’ll do our best to assist you.

Thank you for shopping with Bata!


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